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Everybody likes getting free stuff isn’t it, especially when they are getting PSN (PlayStation Network) Codes for free, then what else they want. Now, to get free PSN codes, you don’t need to waste your time searching Google to get free PSN codes.  Here in this article, you will find everything that you need and helps you get free PSN effortlessly. You will know about PSN Codes and learn how you can generate PSN codes for free.

What are the PSN Codes?

PlayStation Network is also known as PSN codes that are considered as a gift card provided by the Sony PlayStation. It allows the players to redeem the codes and make play purchases at the store. 

These free PSN codes are very useful when you do not want to use your credit cards. Also, using the credit card is a safe preference however it is safer using PSN codes. PSN codes are accessible online as well as offline.  Here you can find some of the best and legit ways to obtain free PSN codes. 

14-day Free Trial

It is considered as the best and most reliable method. To get free PSN codes, you need to go to the PlayStation official page and sign up for a subscription trial.  You get access to all benefits plus service for 14 days. However, to get this 14-day trial, you need to provide your credit card details. Also, you should remember to close the services after the 14-day free trial period is over, otherwise, the service will charge the amount to your credit card for the provided services. 

Win gift cards by joining the SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie is a well-known website that facilitates users to do simple tasks such as taking surveys. If the users take up the survey task, then the website will offer gift cards and sometimes it offers cash to all the users.  The website SurveyJunkie offers Paypal Money, Amazon Gift Card, and more. 

SurveyJunkine website is considered as one of the oldest and also most trusted website, so you can spend your valuable time without worrying about getting payments.  You can finish these given tasks and win cash and buy PSN Codes easily. 

Websites Offer Free PSN Code

Some websites and channels often give gifts after usual intervals.  Ensure to participate and get these gifts, before that you must subscribe to their website or channel or you just need to comment and like on their posts and follow their webpage. This helps the channel get their promotion and you can obtain your free PSN codes. 

If you want to enhance your chances of obtaining free code, then track the giveaways offered by the website or game channels on YouTube.  Ensure, to explore these sites on special holidays and occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sale, and New Year. These websites normally give gifts during festival time and only a few people get the chance.  Moreover, you may not always get free PSN codes. However, if you keep trying and if you follow the required steps, then you may have great chances of endearing the contest.

Exchanging PSN Codes on Online Platforms

Sometimes users can obtain gift cards, usernames, and game codes that they may not use.  If the users post these unwanted gift cards on an online platform or a community website, then they can easily exchange.

On this online platform, you can ask others for free PSN codes, and in exchange, you can give things like iTunes gift cards, etc.  You can try exchanging your unwanted gifts at and and get PSN codes. 

Swagbucks and Mypoints

Swagbucks and MyPoints are online platforms that allow you to get free PSN codes just by doing small tasks like playing games, completing surveys, contributing in daily polls, watching videos, browsing the web, etc.  If you do these tasks, then you can easily get free PSN codes. After getting enough points, you can exchange them for PSN codes. Also, you can invite your family and friends through referral links to get points. 

Most of these websites are genuine and once you finish the task, then you can get points for sure. Also, you don’t need to give your payment information and details on these websites.  This system is also listed in Steam Wallet Codes, Amazon Gift Cards, and Goggle Play Codes. 

Barter system or Trading Codes

Suppose, an individual will get PSN codes as a gift on their birthday or get them in an offer, which the individual is not interested in or do not want them, then they can exchange or sell the codes online for online products.  You may have quite a few chances of finding some users for code and tell some individuals to post it. 

You can find famous online platforms such as “eBay” and “Reddit” if you want to sell or exchange the PSN codes. 

If you are considering generating PSN codes through the PSN Code generator, then you should know that it is not a good idea as these kinds of things are not right.  Though these websites look very interesting, you should be very vigilant and keep checking all the time. It is important to check because you can find a lot of fake reviews and comments on these platforms. 

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