Hack – The Only One You Need

There are several scripts that you can find online in order to hack in Some of them, however, might not work on the official website and they are pretty obvious. There is, however, a different solution out there that will let you seamlessly cheat in the game without being detected by anyone!

What’s so special about it?

  • Auto Healing not so obvious. That is correct – this hack is programmed to be working on drip-feed mode and you can also adjust most of the settings. It basically means that you will not be getting the Shame hat at all as it you would heal only a little bit faster than the average player.
  • Drone Controller. This one speaks for itself. If you have previously used any hacks, then you would be quite familiar with how this goes.
  • Instakill – You can use the Crossbow method in order to instantly kill the opponent. This option can be quite obvious, so I would not recommend abusing it.
  • Auto Hats – Surely this would be beneficial to everyone. Optional though.

Additionally, this is the first hack of it’s kind to work on a mobile device (only Android for now though) in case you are playing from such!

Do you wish to see any other features? Make sure to post in the comments below! Hack – How To Use It?

Assuming that reading the above-mentioned features will not get you bored from the game, here is how to download the hack. Simply navigate to the following page:

You do not need anything further in order to use it – there are instructions upon the download as well.

Android users can download the hack from here. I’m not sure if there will be ever supported for iOS devices due to the fact that it will require your phone to be jailbroken. In such cases, I can only recommend playing the game from a different device. Or even better – get an Android-based phone.

Final Words

If you are looking to cheat in, then you would most certainly find this beneficial. Make sure to share it with your friends and family if you want them to know about it! For any feature requests or problems – make sure to contact us here.

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